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More than 20 Villages Visited

Our Mission

Our Mission

Sypnosis of FTAM Evangelical

Fallen though he be, Man is still deemed by the Almighty to be of inestimable worth.

The miraculous works of the Holy Spirit have been in operation since creation when God commanded let there be light.

Now, as the new creation of God’s redemptive workings are the contemporary of His creative works, the same Holy Spirit is present as the avenue of redemptive gifts and power.

It is these gifts and power that has been bestowed upon FTAM (and us all ) to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To heal, to deliver and to save just as Jesus Christ promised us all, that we shall do more in His name.

We, at FTAM have taken the mantle to spread the Word of God through the name of Jesus Christ. We have mandated ourselves to go where no one else will go to deliver the people from ‘yokes of sin’, in the villages of Accra.

And To empower the people of God with the Word of God especially with the 10 commandments.

Though Man is always in Sin, it is our priority as children of the most High God that we Must always seek repentance with consciousness of our heart seared with hot iron as led by the (works of) Holy Spirit.

Funmi Tayo-Ajimoko Evangelical Ministry was established in Ghana Accra in March 2018.

It is powered by Balm Of Joy Foundation, an NGO (founded by Funmi Tayo-Ajimoko) that caters to the needs of the society as led by the Holy Spirit.

Our aim is to give and preach the Word.

We cannot Give everyone what they deserve/want but we can steer them into the word of God so that their eyes of understanding may be opened.

God hates idolatry with perfect hatred.

We have seen Man sow seed to ‘buy’ God. God cannot be mocked.

He just wants us to be Obedient to His words and He will lead us to what He wants us to do or whom to bless according to His Will and purpose through visions, dreams, revelations, spiritual discernment/alertness.

Man was created to live and breathe in an atmosphere of praise-filled worship to His Creator not MAN, as church has purposed it to be in this age and date hence the flow of many deceitful preachers.

Praise brings steadfastness in godly living while teaching a praise-walk that is neither fanatical, glib, nor reduced to mere ritual, but one of life-delivering power available to each believer.

FTAM, as birthed by the Holy Ghost, had in one year since April 2018, visited 20 villages in the land of Accra Ghana till May 2019.